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Iconic Architecture Finds A Place Flea Market.

Els Encants in Barcelona is a centenarian commercial center, which has customarily been set outside in a casual manner. Its present area isn’t a long way from the market’s new grounds and will possess the intersection of Merdiana Avenue with Las Glorias Square. The venture’s primary target was to keep up the open idea of the current outside market Els Encants. The restricted size of the new grounds (8,000 m2) was an extraordinary imperative, as the business program was more than twofold that region.

Its structure means to abstain from building various floors consequently dismissing the model of a business place. Rather than that, a persistent business zone was planned, with marginally slanted planes interweaving and creating an interminable circle which connections slows down and little shops. The guest’s experience is like a walk around a person on foot street. By twisting the square deck, the various degrees of the avenues around the border are accommodated; consequently the degrees of the different passageways are obscured once inside the market.

The incredible packaging suspended as a shade very nearly 25 meter high is an unmistakable milestone and shields businesspeople and clients from the daylight. The packaging is organized by factor width groups. Its underside presents various tendencies and turns into an instrument of impression of the city into the market.

Els Encants Vells, whose official name is Fira de Bellcaire—the well known name originates from the Spanish action word cantar (to sing) in reference to the calls of the slow down proprietors—is as valued in Barcelona as Les Puces de Saint-Ouen is in Paris. Until as of late, it was arranged in an immense and dusty plot that was available to the components and the thunder of traffic overhead. The nearby studio b720 arquitectos, headed by engineer Fermín Vázquez, was placed responsible for planning another home for the market—and the outcome is a shocking activity in municipal design.

The designers were resolved that Els Encants Vells ought to stay an open space while at the same time furnishing the slow down proprietors with an honorable workplace. In spite of the fact that the primary passage focuses are an augmentation of the encompassing walkways, the structure unfurls both above-and subterranean, interfacing the various levels by means of delicately inclining slopes. The slows down themselves are for the most part housed in uniform, one next to the other modules encompassing a region offered over to a scrounge deal, and the floor beneath is held for open stopping and administration regions. The new market estimates 381,473 square feet—more than double the size of the old plot, sufficiently large to serenely oblige every one of its capacities.

The whole territory is secured by a sparkling metal shelter made of two layers the upper one in zinc and the lower one in treated steel. Unfurling with astonishing elegance, the boards of the rooftop are roosted 269 feet over the ground on thin surveys. Their sparkling sur-faces mirror the market and the movement on the encompassing boulevards, making boggling, watery pictures that are suggestive of a Monet painting and are noticeable on way to deal with the commercial center.

The thought behind this, clarifies Vazquez, was to bring the domain of the Els Encants to the road and the other way around. The shade likewise makes a conspicuous image for Els Encants, and raises the swap meet to a similar level as the social royal residences that encompass it. “I am totally supportive of famous design when it’s proper,” announces Vazquez. “What’s more, likely just in Barcelona would a fashioner swap meet ever come to fruition.